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Black and White Abstracts

Photographing abstract images came to me quite by accident. One day, I was capturing the sun's rays shining through the slats of a staircase. After reviewing the images later on in the evening, I realized there was something very special about how the light played off the hidden shadows and how contrasing shapes created a life on its own.

Since I had a passion for architectural photography, I began looking at contemporary design in a whole new light. Sometimes I wonder if the architect is ever fully aware that within his creations are hidden designs of perplexity beyond imagination.

A splash of monochromatic light and dramatic shadows across a textured backdrop creates the scene for great visual imagry. Over the years, I've been attracted to capturing an outside-the-box moment for the viewer is such a way that envokes emotion and positivity. I enjoy taking a look from a new perspective, at just the right time of day, to allow nature and architecture to come together as one uniting force.

Light reflecting and absorbing into materials do change and enhance colors throughout the day. By capturing that perfect moment conveys the story and sets it in stone.

As a photographer, I wait for just the right moment in time. One second more, one second less, I could miss the shot of a lifetime.

The close-up Macro World in which we live is quite fascinating to say the least. When I purchased my first macro lens and observed the amazing detail of plant life, I never really knew this splendor was sitting, waiting before us this whole time. Once unimaginable to the human mind, technology has now unlocked a new horizon for the photographer and the viewer alike.

Macro photography has taken our world by storm and it seems there will be no slowing down to the levels of closeness one can see an object. The closer we peer into the vast patterns of intricate design, new chapters are beginning to unfold around us.

Nature photography can be summed up with three words; Beautiful, Fragrant, Endulging. Ever notice a weed sprouting up between the cracks of a concrete parking lot? A closer look will reveal an amazing contrast between that which is man-made and that which is purposeful to this world... life itself. The flowers that grow so delicate on this earth produce petals and seeds. At that most precious and timely moment when the delicate wind blows, the seeds fall to the earth... life once again begins its process.

I urge you to explore our wonderful world and to visit as many diverse places as possible in your lifetime. Environments are so vast and the life within them are just as intricate. In an attempt to capture these incredible and memorable details on film, it is nearly an impossible task. Photographers have composed millions of amazing images, yet the experience of the nature's surroundings, a simple photo only reveals part of the story. The beauty, fragrance, and endulging saturated warmth of the soil lingers breathlessly beneath your feet.

Enjoy these images of nature, but be sure to surround yourself in the presence of this incredible creation.

The importance of awareness about nature isn't in regards to studying with written documentation as some scholars would suggest, it is about being in an environment, so secluded, nature is studying you.
David Pinter