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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. In developing this site, my intention is to allow the viewer a special insight into a visually surprising world in which we live. By way of abstracts in both black and white and color, and nature photography throughout the pages, I've chosen my favorites. Each photograph has a very important story to tell if you are willing to step back, breathe, and take a closer look. Enjoy the photography, and I encourage you to explore our ever fascinating world.


"Photography is a form of artistic expression that captures a permanent and unforgettable moment in time. A successful image conveys an idea, an emotion, and beauty. Capturing the mood of an expressive scene requires a keen sense of color, balance, and light. Therefore, the environment plays an extremely important role when creating a visual design."

Currently a Multimedia Designer at Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona, other interests include: Graphic Design, Creating Original Compositions for the Piano, Scenic Photography, and GPS Trek Blogging.

Other hobbies include:
Mountain biking, hiking, soccer, and writing


Author: The Butterfly and the Moth
Sky Harbor Museum, Phoenix, Arizona
The Alta Center Center for Communication Arts
Collins College School of Design
The Creative Group
North Harris College
Cy-Fair College
BK Productions
San Joaquin County, Professional Development Center
Arizona State University
American International College
Grand Canyon University

*All images on this website are available for purchase. Once a signed framed photo has been sold, no other reproduction will created. All images are one of a kind and will not be reproduced in any other format. ~ David Pinter

For details or interest in receiving an extensive portrait photography session, please contact me at: davidpinter@gmail.com
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