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Category Five - Mad Lammie Photography

Museum Photography

A Study of Expression in Nature


Mad Lammie

While photographing a pregnant humming bird
by the feeder, the sound of the camera's shutter release
was terribly upsetting the thirsty bird. With every click,
she flew towards me with great anger making loud
screeching sounds. I would stop photographing and she would
fly back for a drink. In sequence, the images below
represent the intensity of rage the hummingbird was
exhibiting. I named her Lammie, and she certainly was mad.
David Pinter
Mad Lammie 1 Mad Lammie 1
Mad Lammie 2 Mad Lammie 2
Mad Lammie 3 Mad Lammie 3
Mad Lammie 4 Mad Lammie 4
Studying nature is one thing, but having the privilege of recognizing an expression is another. Take your camera, get close, and get personal.
David Pinter